Packaging at Morrisons

More reasons to think supermarkets are noting planet

Is the tide turning towards environmentalism and business solutions that protect the planet and all its inhabitants? Even a little bit?

While our Governments remain slow to inject a real sense of pace and urgency towards the Climate Emergency, there are – as it were – green shoots.

After central Government announced money to fund cycling and walking projects [a week later that Scotland], in Surrey, it was dragged out of a representative of the county council some time later that there is a pop-up pedestrian pathway planned for Farnham, with another to follow in Reigate in a couple of weeks’ time.

At least something, then, at opposite sides of our wide “shire”. A beacon of hope that the thought is there, resonating somewhere within an authority that has declared a Climate Emergency.

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Old chimney pots are earmarked as future planters

Old chimney pots to be recycled as planters

They have languished in a dark corner of the garden, next to a fence where not even weeds – sorry, unwanted vegetation – have the temerity to grow.

There has never been a temptation to take these two feet tall pieces of masonry to the recycling centre. It would seem such a waste.

Maybe the recent purchase of sweet potatoes offers the opportunity of an answer to this long-pondered mystery of how to re-purposing them as something useful.

The rim of one of them has long since broken off, but that shouldn’t matter for what I have in mind.

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Should you line food caddies with magazine envelopes?

An ever growing number of organisations are sending us their magazines in eco-friendly packaging: namely 100 per cent compostable bags.

They look like plastic, but they are not. One I have just received says it is made from potatoes.

While the much-trumpeted packaging offers advice on the limits of what you should do with it, such as put it in your waste food caddy but not in the plastic recycling or general bin, it doesn’t detail how long it will take to degrade in your garden compost facility.Read More »Should you line food caddies with magazine envelopes?

Pouch high to improve your recycling

When hundreds of people regularly mailed back crisp packets to Walkers, the Post Office – obliged to deliver them – complained to the company it was costing them too much to do so.

Walkers set up a partnership with TerraCycle and a way, once collected, to reuse the material.

TerraCycle was set up by a Princeton University student in 2001 and now works with many brands to recycle their packaging through a public network.

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It’s time the bell tolled for ‘not currently recycled’

Locally, Clap for Carers has replaced bell practice at St John’s Church as the reminder that it is put the bins out night – Thursday evening. 

This time of the week is the culmination of a weekly battle to decide what sort of plastic can go in the mixed recycling wheelie bin. 

Most of us are well past needing to check the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council for what can be recycled and there is an annual four-page A5 sheet delivered, to give us a handy guide each week if we want to keep it on our fridge or other noticeboard place.

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Recycling’s up in Surrey: now for further behavioural change

A graphic which popped up from Surrey County Council on social media caught my attention for several reasons, not least for the huge aid to the vulnerable right now during the Covid-19 crisis, but naturally on the recycling statistics.

The couple that stuck out were:

  • 92% of household waste and recycling collection services in Surrey are still running
  • 23% more waste and mixed recycling is being collected than normal

I am going to use these statistics as a platform entirely to speculate and to shape an optimistic argument about how we might reshape our thinking and change our behaviours to help the environment, in normal times. The statistics might even be incidental to thinking about changing habits.

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