When students demand what to be taught, let’s listen

Students. Anti-establishment. Rebellious, or looking for an excuse to be. Demanding. Campaigning. And learning courtesy of state funding.

That was the perception of many when I was at university (which was a while ago). One of my flatmates once even sneered at a charity spokesperson on the television saying she was probably a Guardian-reading recent graduate. What did he think he was going to become upon, er, graduating?

The bit about learning courtesy of state funding is no longer true. And these protesting students, they’re getting younger. They are still at school, many of them.

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Give us voters PR – Proper Representation

There is not much that the author of this website will ever agree with Nigel Farage about.

But the former leader of UKIP, who stepped down after the General Election only to fall up again, does have a hugely valid point when he says the “time has come for real, genuine, radical political reform” when it comes to our voting system.

A quote from him suggests that the system is “broken”.

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