When students demand what to be taught, let’s listen

Students. Anti-establishment. Rebellious, or looking for an excuse to be. Demanding. Campaigning. And learning courtesy of state funding.

That was the perception of many when I was at university (which was a while ago). One of my flatmates once even sneered at a charity spokesperson on the television saying she was probably a Guardian-reading recent graduate. What did he think he was going to become upon, er, graduating?

The bit about learning courtesy of state funding is no longer true. And these protesting students, they’re getting younger. They are still at school, many of them.

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Lockdown those cycling and walkway ideas

At last, this glorious England speaks. A week or so after the Scottish Parliament was among several nations to announce a plan and finance for cycle and walking infrastructure, the English government did so.

Or rather, the UK government announced a package. But was this bit just for England?

A £2bn plan to improve walk and cycleways was part of a £5bn package announced in February for improve cycle and buses.

It was made to look new when Andrew Gilligan, an adviser to the Government, trumpeted it on Saturday, as an update to the Traffic Management Act 2004. Read More »Lockdown those cycling and walkway ideas