Thank yous have rung out for our NHS including via Captain Tom Moore's fundraising

How to be inspired by Sir Tom’s actions

Today, it was announced that Captain Tom Moore is to be knighted for his efforts in raising more than £33 million for walking in support of NHS charities.

We’re steering off the sustainability path with this blog, unless we think of the National Health Service as something that will have to pick up the pieces for the consequences of extreme weather caused by the climate emergency, for example excessive summer temperatures or pneumonia from excessively cold winters or the effects of flooding. Or perhaps if we are taking the sustainability principle as a hollistic whole and that it should focus its benefits on society’s more needy. The climate emergency is already making refugees of many, through making swathes of the planet uninhabitable.

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It’s time the bell tolled for ‘not currently recycled’

Locally, Clap for Carers has replaced bell practice at St John’s Church as the reminder that it is put the bins out night – Thursday evening. 

This time of the week is the culmination of a weekly battle to decide what sort of plastic can go in the mixed recycling wheelie bin. 

Most of us are well past needing to check the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council for what can be recycled and there is an annual four-page A5 sheet delivered, to give us a handy guide each week if we want to keep it on our fridge or other noticeboard place.

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