Old chimney pots to be recycled as planters

Old chimney pots are earmarked as future planters

They have languished in a dark corner of the garden, next to a fence where not even weeds – sorry, unwanted vegetation – have the temerity to grow.

There has never been a temptation to take these two feet tall pieces of masonry to the recycling centre. It would seem such a waste.

Maybe the recent purchase of sweet potatoes offers the opportunity of an answer to this long-pondered mystery of how to re-purposing them as something useful.

The rim of one of them has long since broken off, but that shouldn’t matter for what I have in mind.

They can be sweet potato planters! In time. For now, those little shoots of green plants that came in a case have been placed in pots in the cosy greenhouse, but they should outgrow them. The foliage, as I understand it from reading up on growing this vegetable, should become bigger. And underneath, the sweet potatoes should grow from the roots.

They will need bigger pots in time, but need to be kept in warmer places than normal potatoes, to which they are entirely unrelated. They might, come June, when the last chance of frost is over, and only in June,  when warmer weather is guaranteed, be allowed to venture out of the greenhouse. But they will need a bigger space to grow.

I have five plants. I have only three sacks, which arrived first and are being saved for the purpose of sweet potato growing. So, I shall need two more spaces. Having been told by a friend that she had sweet potato planters in what looked like one of those old, cylindrical burners (a metal object, tall and with round holes from top to bottom) the old chimneys seem a perfect alternative. If not just yet a while.