Masks are now needed in shops

Relish anomalies to survive second lockdown

We’re more set up to cope this time aren’t we? For Covid-19 lockdown two I mean. We’ve done this once. Society can tough it out. We’re thinking positive…except…

This time there are several changes – and many people are still out of work.

The first lockdown was all new and scary. People thought it might be short, sharp shock of no more than a few months. At least, that’s what they hoped.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) was hard to find. For that, the NHS was the priority customer. But if you wanted to wear a mask in the shops – the supermarkets and food outlets – they were initially hard to find. Certainly at a reasonable price.

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Don’t ditch journalism for social media opinions

A decent point was being clunkily made. On one of the myriad of training webinars I have watched in recent weeks, a presenter was telling the audience that people don’t watch the news any more. Her husband would tell her something he’d read on WhatsApp and she would reply that she’d read it on Facebook an hour ago.

I bristled. As a journalist this rankled. Not watch the news? Get your information solely from social media?

That’s not right. News might be defined as newly received information, something noteworthy.

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