Caning the recycling in the garden

For those of us lucky enough to have gardens, if they are anything like mine they are looking tidier than ever – and that’s just in the hours at the weekend which, in normal life, would have been used up doing much else as well.

OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but only just. While those of us who normally work in an office and have been working at home for a few weeks can now find a few extra hours per day (when we would have been travelling) as well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that gardeners are now down to the jobs that absolutely totally need doing.

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Egg yourself on to tackle climate emergency while life is scrambled

Lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis will be a time for many to reassess and focus on what is really important to them, in many ways. Family. Career. Our social circles. The activities, charities or sports teams we support. The DIY jobs such as at bathroom that still needs replacing.

It is a chance to reset. Strip back. Take stock. Give ourselves time to think, to redirect the radar.

As well as the immediacy of our own worlds, there is of course the bigger picture of the wider world. It is a chance to analyse and attack a more lasting crisis facing us – and I don’t mean Brexit. Don’t get me started on that.

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Discarded PPE, needed by our NHS, by thoughless public

Join the ‘litterati’ and pick up rubbish

At this time of year, normally thousands of people are busy planning and carrying out their litter picks for the annual Keep Britain Tidy campaign GB Spring Clean.

It began as a weekend, then one year when snow fell on the relevant weekend they extended it for the rest of the month and haven’t looked back, making it a month-long event each year. 

I know about these because I have not only taken part, but organised some. When I worked for Thames21 – London’s leading waterways charity – as their communications manager, it was an obvious campaign to support. I encouraged my colleagues and their trained volunteer groups four months in advance, when the campaign was launched, to register their regular de-littering of rivers for this campaign. 

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Give us voters PR – Proper Representation

There is not much that the author of this website will ever agree with Nigel Farage about.

But the former leader of UKIP, who stepped down after the General Election only to fall up again, does have a hugely valid point when he says the “time has come for real, genuine, radical political reform” when it comes to our voting system.

A quote from him suggests that the system is “broken”.

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