April 2021

Parallels between football’s ESL and climate crisis

A post about football might not be the most obvious fit for an environmental blog. But bear with, there are parallels to be drawn. This week, we have had Earth Day, an annual event used by new United States President Joe Biden to try to set the climate agenda he promised in his election campaign.

But in football we also had “What on earth?!” day, when six clubs from the Premier League announced their involvement in a European Super League (ESL) project. A closed door one, just for the elite.

It sparked protests from fans. Socially distanced? Perhaps. But respectful nonetheless. No riot police needed. These were non violent, in-person protests demonstrating outrage at the idea. A notion fostered by money-focused owners without even consultation of their football managers or teams, perhaps not wholly even their boards of directors. Although a report today suggests the media teams were briefed a week ago.

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Non-toxic pet waste

Ask election hopefuls to sort pet waste discrepancy

What are you going to ask your candidates when they come knocking on your door ahead of the May 6 local elections?

A reduction in taxes to help UK residents get back on their feet after Covid? That’s national level politics. There must be an abundance of issues that Reigate and Banstead borough, or Surrey County, councillors could affect, from elderly and social care to education and rubbish.

It might seem well down the list for many people. But I was glad to see someone else, via Twitter, have a moan that Reigate and Banstead Borough Council do not collect organic pet waste.

On the “no thank you” list for the brown garden waste bin, Reigate and Banstead lists “animal or pet bedding”. The reason is that they do not want cat or dog waste, because it is toxic. Witness when you have to remove stray feline excrement from the vegetable patch!

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A seagull could be affected by wind turbines

New answer to wind farm blades: Skybrators

Does it ever seem that every time mankind invents a solution to tackle a problem within the climate change sphere, the solution creates another problem?

Electric vehicles, for example, might not need removal of carbon emissions for petrol. But carbon emissions are, nonetheless, created, mostly by the process of making the vehicles. And of course they need batteries and for that we still need to mine the earth. The full solution is to use public transport, of course.

Likewise, while solar panels mean we don’t have to burn fossil fuels for heating, their manufacture still requires metals and the batteries to store energy require us to mine the earth. We are working through a series of “least worst” options.

These thoughts came to mind when I read about Skybrators – the reinvented wind turbine. A company in Spain, Vortex Bladeless, has invented the bladeless version, solving various complaints about wind turbines.

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