March 2021

Five ways to lead a more sustainable life

Many institutions have been actively campaigning for a more sustainable world and tackling climate change for years.

This year, A Rocha UK celebrates 20 years of campaigning on conservation. It began as a local Christian conservation project in Southall, West London. Now, it runs an eco-church scheme which gives out bronze, silver and gold standards to churches that can demonstrate various levels of protecting and restoring nature on land they manage. This inspires organisations to take climate protecting action.

Another group, CDP – initially named the Carbon Disclosure Project – is celebrating 20 years, too. It urges investors, companies, cities, regions and states to disclose their carbon footprint, as a way of inspiring change.

Dozens of campaigns have formed in recent years to ask Governments, regional and local, to think about changing their ways. Pressure from the first Extinction Rebellion protests led to the UK Government declaring a climate emergency. Nearly 70% of UK local councils have declared one.

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Investment graph

Surrey’s £100m fossil fuel pot shames climate stance

When Kent County Council tried to withdraw a hefty £250million investment in a Neil Woodford fund in mid-2019, it might well have triggered the collapse of the star investment manager’s career.

The fund’s value had fallen from a peak of £8.5bn to about £2.5bn and the council wanted to put the money into something more secure.

Their actions demonstrated the relevant committee’s sense of responsibility towards its investors – namely taxpayers. Like many investors at that time, they were keeping a dutiful eye on the market. They had decided that a fund in which a series of gambles by the fund manager had gone the wrong way. They wanted out.

The investment funds run by Woodford was suspended shortly afterwards and has now folded. Millions of investors, including Kent County Council, lost a huge percentage of their money.

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